Sautéed Beet Greens with Roasted Beets


Never waste beet greens again! Sautéed beet greens combine with sweet roasted beets for a simple 和 nutritious side dish.

I used to buy fresh beets 从 the farmers market, chop off the tops 和 promptly throw the greens in the garbage. 这样一个耻辱! One day (probably through reading blogs) I realized that you can 和 应该 吃绿色蔬菜. Not only are they packed with nutrients but they’re great for juices or smoothies 和 extremely delicious sautéed. Their tender texture 和 mild flavor makes them one of my favorite greens for sautéing.

So if you’re a beet green tosser like I was, listen up 和 don’t throw them away next time. Save those bad boys, sauté ’em up 和 serve them with chunks of roasted beets for a flavorful 和 healthy side dish. I promise you will not be disappointed. 好吧, not by the taste at least… I can’t be held accountable if you get a little sad about all the beet greens you’ve tossed in the past.

Two plates with beets 和 greens 和 a small ramekin of red 胡椒 flakes.

What Are Beet Greens?

Beet greens are the leafy greens that are attached to the beetroot. A lot of people don’t know you can eat them 和 a lot of grocery stores actually cut them off because people don’t want them! But they’re incredibly good for you 和 so tasty! Beet greens are loaded with antioxidants, 和 they’re high in vitamin A, 维生素C, 维生素B6, 镁, 和钾. They have a mildly sweet 和 slightly earthy flavor that is so delicious when sautéed.

How to Prep 和 Store Beet Greens

When you bring your beets home 从 the store, trim the leaves 从 the root right away so the leaves don’t deplete moisture 从 the beetroot 和 wilt.

If you’re not going to cook your beet greens right away, you can keep them fresh in your fridge for about 5 days. After removing the greens 从 the beet root, wash 和 dry them then wrap the greens in a dry paper towel 和 place them in a reusable bag (I love my 存放行李) or Ziploc bag 和 store in the veggie or crisper drawer of your fridge.

成分 measured out to make sautéed beet greens 和 roasted beets: salt, 胡椒, 椰子举, 橄榄油, 金色的甜菜, 洋葱, apple cider vinegar, red 胡椒 和 大蒜.

Here’s What You Need

  • 金色的甜菜 – I love using 金色的甜菜 which have a sweeter, less earthy taste than red beets but any type of beet works! Look for beets that are firm 和 round with bright, healthy looking greens. When you bring the beets home 从 the store, trim the leaves 2 inches 从 the root so the leaves don’t deplete the moisture 从 the beetroot 和 wilt.
  • 橄榄油 – the oil to roast the beets in. You can also use avocado oil.
  • 大蒜洋葱 – you’ll sauté the beet greens with 大蒜 丁香s 和 洋葱 to add delicious, complimenting savory flavor!
  • apple cider vinegar – add a little ACV at the end of cooking to brighten all of the flavors 和 bring the flavors together.
  • Bragg’s liquid aminos or 椰子举 – similarly to the apple cider vinegar, a touch of aminos will elevate the flavors of this dish as a whole.
  • crushed red 胡椒 – for just a touch of spice.
  • sea salt 和 胡椒 – to season the entire dish 和 bring all of the flavors together.
Collage of four photos: 1. 金色的甜菜 in foil to be roasted, 2. beet greens in a water bath, 3. Sautéed 洋葱 和 beet greens. 4. adding roasted 金色的甜菜 to the mixture.

How to Make Sautéed Beet Greens with Roasted Beets

预科的甜菜: If you haven’t already, cut off the leaves 从 the beetroots. Wash the greens well (I like using my 沙拉转轮!) 和 chop the greens 和 stems. Discard any large 和 tough stems. Scrub the beetroots really well 和 poke 2-3 times with a fork.

Roast the beets: Wrap the beets tightly in aluminum foil 和 roast at 400ºF for 70-90 分钟 or until beets are tender. Carefully unwrap the beets 和 run cool water over them to stop the cooking 和 peel the skin off. The skin 应该 easily peel off as you run the cool water over them. Chop the beets into bite-sized pieces.

炒蔬菜: Heat the coconut oil in a skillet 和 add 大蒜 和 洋葱. Sauté until fragrant 和 then add the beet greens. Add in the chopped beet pieces, apple cider vinegar 和 liquid aminos to the pan 和 give one final stir. Season with salt, 胡椒 和 crushed red 胡椒. 享受!

Two plates with beets 和 greens 和 a small ramekin of red 胡椒 flakes.


This is a delicious side dish that pairs with a wide variety of 九州体育App下载! Here are some pairing suggestions:

  • Baked chicken tenders – keep it simple with chicken tenders but make it fancy with a side of beet greens!
  • Apple cider vinegar chicken – my go-to protein when I don’t know what to make. It delivers every time!
  • BBQ chicken breasts – add a pop of flavor with these BBQ chicken breasts. A simple dinner the entire family will love.
  • Balsamic glazed salmon – if you’re looking for a seafood option this balsamic glazed salmon is delicious 和 comes together in just 20 分钟!
  • Crispy baked tofu – need a vegan option? This crispy tofu is a fan favorite. It is the perfect plant-based protein to pair with these greens!

How to Store Leftovers

This recipe is best served fresh but if you have leftovers, you can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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Sautéed Beet Greens with Roasted Beets

Never waste beet greens again! Sautéed beet greens combine with sweet roasted beets for a simple 和 nutritious side dish.
Two plates with beets 和 greens 和 a small ramekin of red 胡椒 flakes.
准备时间 10 分钟
做饭的时间 1 小时 30 分钟
总时间 1 小时 40 分钟


  • 1 大群 金色的甜菜
  • ½ 汤匙 橄榄油
  • 1 丁香 大蒜, 剁碎
  • ¼ 洋葱,
  • ½ 茶匙 apple cider vinegar
  • ½ 茶匙 Bragg’s liquid aminos or 椰子举
  • crushed red 胡椒, 品尝
  • sea salt 和 ground 胡椒, 品尝


  • Cut the tops of the beets to 1-2 inches. Wash 和 chop the greens 和 stems, discarding any large 和 tough stems.
  • Scrub the beets clean, poke 2-3 times with a fork 和 wrap tightly in aluminum foil. Roast in a 400°F oven until tender, about 70-90 分钟 if you’re using medium-large sized beets.
    Tin foil with 3 beets inside.
  • Unwrap the beets (they’ll be piping hot so be careful!) 和 run cool water over them. The skin 应该 easily peel off while you do this. Once peeled, chopped one or two of the beets into small chunks. You can save any remaining beets for another recipe. This step can be done ahead of time.
  • Once your beets are ready, heat your coconut oil in a skillet on medium heat. Add the 大蒜 和 洋葱 和 sauté until fragrant.
    Onions cooked in a sauté pan.
  • Add the the greens 和 sauté a little longer, about 3-4 分钟.
    Beet greens 和 洋葱s sautéed together.
  • Add chopped golden beet pieces, apple cider vinegar 和 liquid aminos to the pan 和 give it one last stir. Season with salt, 胡椒 和 crushed red 胡椒, 品尝.
    Beet greens 和 beets in a sauté pan.
  • Divide the mixture between two plates 和 enjoy.


服务: 1/ 2的配方 热量: 89千卡 碳水化合物: 14g 蛋白质: 2g 脂肪: 4g Polyunsaturated 脂肪: 2g 钠: 545mg 钾: 409mg 纤维: 4g 糖: 9g
课程: 一边
菜: 美国
关键字: sautéed beet greens


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    1. 珍妮特
      October 19, 2021 AT 10:40 am

      I am a reformed beet green tosser as well! They are delicious.

    2. September 28, 2021 AT 8:37 pm

      Very nice recipe… 谢谢你! for your nice post

      1. 布列塔尼 Mullins
        September 29, 2021 AT 10:37 am

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    3. 玛莎h神
      June 25, 2021 AT 1:25 pm

      I doubled the recipe thinking we would have some leftover it was so good we ate it all. So I’m making another batch of the greens for omelettes in the morning. It couldn’t be any fresher I picked the beets, 大蒜 和 洋葱s 从 my garden this morning, I usually throw away the beet greens but these greens were so clean 和 tender. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

      1. 布列塔尼 Mullins
        June 28, 2021 AT 12:40 pm

        吸引!! I’m so happy to hear this recipe was a hit, Marsha! Thanks for the review. It means so much to me!

    4. Princewill Emmanuel
      April 12, 2021 AT 2:20 pm

      令人印象深刻的! Thanks for the post

    5. 布列塔尼
      October 10, 2020 AT 9:05 pm

      I am currently eating this 和 it is delicious! I usually hate beets but was tempted by the golden ones at the store; I had no idea what to do with them 和 stumbled upon this recipe. 谢谢你!! I finally like beets because of it!

      1. 布列塔尼 Mullins
        October 12, 2020 AT 11:11 pm

        啊耶!! That makes me so happy to hear, 布列塔尼! I’m so glad you enjoyed this salad. Thanks for giving it a try 和 for coming back to leave a comment + star rating. I so appreciate it!

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