用新鲜桃子做桃泥很容易! 它是婴儿最好的第一种食物, 但也可以用作早餐的配料, 甜点和饮料配方.

Peach season is here in full force and if you’re drowning in peaches and not sure what to do with them, 我为你准备了完美的九州体育App下载…… 蓉桃子!

Pureed peaches in a white bowl on a marble surface with a small silver spoon on the side.

Peach puree is so simple to make and can be used in a variety of different ways. 这是一种超棒的第一阶段婴儿食品, but can be used to sweeten and add peach flavor to breakfast 九州体育App下载, 甜点,甚至鸡尾酒.


There are two ways to make 桃泥: with the skin on or with the skin removed. 让酷游九州体育官网App来谈谈它们的不同之处.

带皮的新鲜桃子 -如果你有肉汁,这个选项会很好, 成熟的桃子 and a high powered 搅拌机 that can totally puree the skins until they’re undetectable. I have a Vitamix so I typically go this route because it’s faster and the end result is smooth.


去皮焯过的桃子 – if you don’t have a high powered 搅拌机 or just want to make sure your 桃泥 is silky smooth, 这对你来说是个更好的选择.

Side by side photos of peaches being blended in a 食品加工机.

I’m sharing instructions for both methods below, but just know that you can use a 搅拌机 or 食品加工机 搅拌桃子! 工作很好的.

大理石表面上的新鲜桃子. 一个是减半.


我建议用新鲜的桃子来增加口感! 买桃子的时候, you want to buy peaches that are firm but give slightly when you press on the flesh. 试着在没有擦伤或割伤的情况下得到一个桃子.

白桃或黄桃都可以! 我手头通常有黄桃, but white peaches are actually sweeter and white peaches are what is typically used to make puree for making a bellini.


The sweetness level of the puree will depend on the ripeness of your peaches. If the puree doesn’t taste sweet enough and you’re using it for a dessert, 随便加点甜头吧. I’d recommend starting with 1 Tablespoon of honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar or cane sugar. 品尝并添加更多,如果需要.

If you’re serving the 桃泥 to a baby or toddler, I don’t recommend adding any sugar. 桃子本身对宝宝来说就够甜的了!

Up close shot of 桃泥 on a pink baby spoon hovering over a white bowl with peach baby food.


When you start solids with your child, 桃泥 is a great first food, similar to 胡萝卜泥. 很明显,单独吃很美味, but can be combined with a variety of other foods for stage 2 and beyond. 我喜欢这个组合 桃子和梨 我分享了我的 婴儿食品组合 帖子.


  • 绿色蔬菜 羽衣甘蓝,菠菜,鳄梨,西葫芦
  • 橙色的蔬菜 -红薯,冬南瓜,胡萝卜
  • 白色蔬菜 ——菜花
  • 其他水果 芒果,草莓,香蕉,苹果,香蕉
  • 乳制品 酸奶,白软干酪,乳清干酪
  • 谷物 ——藜麦、燕麦
  • 调味料和香料 咖喱,姜,薄荷,肉豆蔻,肉桂


  • 桃子,香蕉和杏子
  • 梨、桃、南瓜和燕麦粥
  • 桃子,草莓和梨子
  • 苹果、桃子、梨
  • 桃子芒果
  • 苹果,西葫芦和桃子


Fresh peach baby food should be stored in the fridge and used within 3-4 days. 如果要长时间储存,我建议把桃泥冷冻起来! I like using silicone ice cube tray or freezer safe jars because they make it easier to thaw smaller amounts for serving to babies.

Side by side photos of 桃泥 baby food in an ice cube tray, 然后是一堆冻桃块.


I recommend thawing frozen 桃泥 in the fridge the night before you want to use it, 但你也可以用温水洗个澡,让它很快解冻. It thaws quickly if you’re defrosting a small amount to serve to a baby.

A frozen 桃泥 cube in a small glass container, being submerged in a water bath to defrost.


For toddlers, 桃泥 can be used a mix-in for yogurt or 酷游九州体育官网App, as a dip for 煎饼 或放入 可重复使用的袋. I made a few pouches with this 桃泥 and Olivia devoured it.



是的! I recommend using fresh, 成熟的桃子 for the best flavor but you can absolutely use 冰冻的桃子 全年都做这种泥. 3 large 成熟的桃子 is equivalent to 1 pound or 16 oz of 冰冻的桃子. 搅拌之前一定要把桃子解冻!


Like I mentioned above, there are so many ways to use 桃泥! 以下是一些建议:

  • 婴儿食品 -你的宝宝会喜欢甜甜的、营养丰富的桃泥! 纯桃子泥是第一阶段食客的首选食物. For more advanced eaters you can combine the 桃泥 with another puree or even add it to yogurt or 酷游九州体育官网App. As I mentioned above, I put the puree in 可重复使用的袋 and Olivia loved it.
  • 做煎饼和华夫饼的配料 – mmm level up your brunch plans by topping 煎饼 and waffles with this puree. 试试我的 杏仁粉煎饼.
  • 搭配冰淇淋食用 – Serve over or swirl in 桃泥 into ice cream or frozen yogurt. 等不及要在我的香蕉冰淇淋上尝尝这个了.
  • 搅入酷游九州体育官网App、酸奶或奇亚布丁中 – instantly make your breakfast so much more flavorful by adding this puree to 酷游九州体育官网App or 贾布丁. 试着用我的 芒果布丁的配方把芒果换成桃泥就行了.



用新鲜桃子做桃泥很容易! 它是婴儿最好的第一种食物, 但也可以用作早餐的配料, 甜点和饮料配方.
Up close shot of 桃泥 on a small sliver spoon hovering over a white bowl with 桃泥.
准备时间 5 分钟
做饭的时间 1 一分钟
总时间 6 分钟


  • 3 成熟的桃子, (或更多,如果需要)



  • 桃子用水洗净,切成两半. 去掉核,切成大块. Place peaches (with the skin on) in a high powered 搅拌机 or 食品加工机.
  • Blend until totally smooth and the skin is no longer detectable. 如果还有一小块皮肤, 你可以用细网过滤器过滤. 可以做1.5杯新鲜桃泥.


  • Rinse peaches with water and add fresh water to a large saucepan, bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the peaches and boil for about 30 seconds.
  • Use a slotted spoon to transfer the peaches to an ice water bath.
  • Once the peaches are cool enough to handle, gentle use your fingers to peel away the skin.
  • 将桃子切成两半,去核切片.
    Two peaches on a cutting board with the pits removed and a knife on the right side.
  • 将桃片放入食物处理机或搅拌机中.
  • 搅拌好. 可以做1.5杯新鲜桃泥.


  • 桃子泥你想怎么做就怎么做. It's great straight-up as a first food for babies or as a topping for yogurt, 布丁,甚至燕麦粥. 也可以用来做蜜桃贝里尼.
    Pureed peaches in a white bowl on a marble surface with a small silver spoon on the side.
  • Store 桃泥 in the fridge for 3-4 days or in the freezer or up to 3 months. I like to freeze the puree in silicone ice cube trays or small freezer-safe jars so I can easily thaw small amounts when I want to use them. This is a great option if you're making the puree for your baby.
  • I recommend thawing frozen 桃泥 in the fridge the night before you want to use it, 但你也可以用温水洗个澡,让它很快解冻.
    A frozen 桃泥 cube in a small glass container, being submerged in a water bath to defrost.


  • 冰冻的桃子你绝对可以用冷冻桃子做这个酱. 只需让桃子在冰箱里完全解冻, 然后加入你的食物处理器或搅拌机和泥. 如果你想让桃泥不带皮, 你可以先把解冻的桃片蒸或煮, 哪种方法更容易剥. 


服务: 1/ 2杯 热量: 38千卡 碳水化合物: 9g 蛋白质: 1g 钾: 186mg 纤维: 1g 糖: 8g
课程: 婴儿食品,酱汁/调味品
菜: 美国
关键字: 桃泥


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