25个孩子测试 & 母公司批准九州体育App下载

Get your kiddos in the kitchen with over 25 easy and fun recipes that they’ll enjoy making and eating! 所有的九州体育App下载都是经过儿童测试的 & 父母的批准.

Although Olivia is still an infant and too little to help out in the kitchen, she’s actually with me in the kitchen all the time. 她是否喜欢我 in a wrap 或坐在 her bouncer, she already enjoys hanging out and watching me cook.

For those of you with toddlers or older kiddos this is the perfect time to get them in the kitchen to help prep recipes and learn the basics of cooking. Who knows, you might just find that you have a budding chef on your hands. 


如果你的宝贝还年轻或刚刚 从固体开始,一定要看看我的 婴儿食品配方.


I am so excited for when Olivia can actually help me in the kitchen! 因为阅读 抚养碧碧 when I was pregnant with her I’ve had plans to get one of those 厨房助手凳子. 我等不及要帮奥利维亚做 幼儿酸奶蛋糕 作者在书中提到的.

I know it can seem stressful and more difficult to bring your kids in the kitchen to cook, but these are valuable life skills they will have for the rest of their lives! Make sure you are not rushed or stressed out before bringing your kids into the kitchen. Pick an open morning or afternoon where you have no other plans, but to be present with them. 不要担心事情变得一团糟. 到最后你就能把所有东西都清理干净了.

I have broken up certain tasks by age range, but obviously you know your kid best. 让他们在你觉得舒服的地方帮助你.

Age 2-5 

  • 在碗里或水槽里冲洗农产品
  • 将计量好的配料倒入搅拌碗中
  • 简单的混合成分
  • 准备药草和水果-从藤上摘葡萄, 从茎上采摘药草, 撕掉莴苣叶做沙拉, etc.
  • 把香蕉或土豆等配料捣碎

Age 6-7

  • Crack eggs
  • 练习切水果和蔬菜 儿童刀
  • 计算出项目
  • 把饼干或能量球揉成面团
  • 大声练习阅读九州体育App下载

Age 8-9

  • 使用开罐器
  • 测量出的成分
  • 汁柑橘类水果
  • 皮的蔬菜
  • Read and follow instructions to mix up batter on their own

Age 10-12

  • Safely attend to items on the stovetop – boiling noodles, simmering ingredients in a saucepan
  • 阅读菜谱并指导副厨
  • 蔬菜切片切碎
  • Learn how to use other kitchen appliances like a blender, 食品加工机, etc.
Plate of baked chicken nuggets with homemade chick-fil-a sauce.

And, if you need kid-friendly recipe ideas, I’ve got you covered!


  • 巧克力煎饼 – Throw chocolate chips into their pancakes and your kids will have no idea they’re eating something that’s packed with protein and other healthy ingredients!
  • 酷游九州体育官网App杯 -深受家庭喜爱! Have everyone customize their own oatmeal cups with their flavor of choice.
  • 蛋白质芝士通心粉 – Yep, I upgraded the classic and added veggies to everyone’s favorite meal.
  • 鸡的手指 – These baked chicken fingers are paleo and 100% kid approved. 我最喜欢的九州体育App下载之一!
  • 鸡块 – Make these chicken nuggets at home for a healthy spin. 用这个服务 自制的菲尔酱 and your kiddos will be amazed by your cooking abilities.
  • 烧烤菠萝蜜 -没听说过菠萝蜜? No problem! A healthy take on BBQ pulled pork or shredded chicken, your kids will love shredding up the canned jackfruit. 可搭配沙拉或包在面包上食用!
  • 奎奴亚藜炒饭 -妈妈在 EBF Facebook群组 说这都是她孩子的要求.the.time! 我的回答? 他们知道自己吃了多少蔬菜吗?! LOL!
  • 干酪菜花烤干酪辣味玉米片 – Make a deal with your kids… you can have nachos for dinner *if* the base is cauliflower! They won’t even realize they’re eating the healthy, upgraded version. Okay, they might realize it… but they’ll still love them!
  • 薯条,好吧, not a meal, but I highly recommend serving any of my veggie fries with your main dishes. I’ve got 西葫芦薯条, 冬南瓜薯条, 地瓜薯条, jicama and 萝卜薯条. 谁都试过了?


  • 鳄梨泥杯 – Trust me when I say, your kids will LOVE making and eating these dirt cups!
  • 蛋白质泥泞的伙伴 -富含蛋白质的泥哥们儿? Yes please! The protein will help avoid the sugar spike and keep your kids fuller, longer.
  • 麻格兰诺拉麦片 -多个妈妈在 Facebook群组 说他们的孩子 love 这麦片! Straight out of the jar or with fruit and yogurt, 这麦片 is a hit.
  • 苹果烤干酪辣味玉米片 – Your kids can build their own healthy and sweet nachos by adding their preferred toppings! 我爱我的 日期焦糖巧克力片和格兰诺拉麦片.
  • 薄荷巧克力片冰淇淋 – Make ice cream at home with just six ingredients – no ice cream maker needed! 也没人知道里面有牛油果!
  • 巧克力香蕉冰淇淋 -我最喜欢的甜点之一! 用最少的配料,瞬间就能搅拌好.
  • 不要烘烤能量球 – Make these for your kids or hide away for your personal sweet stash! 它们很简单,也很好吃!
  • SunButter能源咬 – The perfect nut-free snack bites for kiddos to take to school!
Hand holding a peanut butter stuffed chocolate date cup in half.
  • 士力架塞日期 -再次强调,要敬畏你的孩子,在家里做窃笑架! Step by step instructions break down what kids can help with and what’s better for the adults.
  • 花生酱杯 – Make healthier peanut butter cups with just five ingredients!
  • 巧克力花生黄油香蕉片 -没有比这更简单的了! Your kiddos can help you slice the bananas, spread the peanut butter and dunk into chocolate!
  • 香草蛋糕球 – Anyone else feel like they want to be surrounded by bright, happy colors right now? These cake balls fit the bill… bring on the sprinkles!
  • PB & J Bars – A fun take on the classic sandwich we all know and love!
  • 巧克力杏仁脆片 – Warning! 这些非常美味. Bonus points for being made with only five ingredients!
  • 自制的格兰诺拉燕麦卷 – No need to purchase store-bought bars when you can make your own.
  • 双重巧克力松饼 -巧克力配巧克力? Yes please! You’d never guess that each muffin is packed with 13 grams of protein.
  • 素食蓝莓松饼 -这些在EBF社区是一个打击! Perfectly moist and fluffy, the whole family will love these muffins.
  • 水果和坚果棒 – Nutty, chewy and slightly sweet, these are the perfect snack to have on hand for everyone!
  • 怪物饼干 这是我小时候最喜欢的食物之一! 它们又稠又耐嚼,很容易搅拌.


我想听听你的意见! Do you enjoy having your kiddos in the kitchen with you? 你最喜欢用它们做什么?

这篇文章可能包括附属链接. 谢谢你的支持.


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    1. Nicole

      Yesss! 我喜欢抚养贝贝! I have made the yogurt cake with my daughter when she was only 13 months and it was a blast! During quarantine, we have been doing all kids of cooking together and she loves it. 美好的回忆正在形成!!

    2. Debbie S.

      你真是我的救星,布里特妮! 非常感谢你整理这些九州体育App下载. I’m a food and garden educator and will share these with my students.

      1. 布列塔尼马林斯

        Ahh I’m so glad this post is helpful for you, Debbie!!

    3. Jaki布拉德利

      I saw a video that played quickly at the bottom of your page & 消失了. It was spiral zucchini with almond butter muffins. 在搜索栏里找不到. 可以发布它?