Jim Sprinkle

Jim was born in Raleigh, spent his childhood in Fayetteville, NC and returned to Raleigh in 1964. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from NC State University in 1973, and worked 36 years in the construction and mining industry as an exploration geologist and general manager of open pit mining operations in the southeastern US.

Jim began creating stained glass windows in 1978, initially working with lead came but later migrating to the copper foil method due to the level of detail that could be achieved. His passion for stained glass is due, in part, to his love of geology and the use of materials that have been created from the minerals and metals of the earth. He regards stained glass as a unique medium, in which the colors and vibrancy of the artwork changes as the amount and intensity of light varies. His artwork encompasses Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs, abstracts, geometrics, and florals. His panel and window designs are one of a kind, not replicated. His artwork integrates colored glass which range from bold and vibrant to subtle and clear; transparent to opaque; and smooth to heavily textured. His designs continue to evolve and come from a desire to look at the world through a different lens.