These healthy 椰子巧克力片能量球 are made with only 5 simple ingredients. They’re super easy to prep 和 taste like a decadent treat.

如果你喜欢椰子和巧克力, you’re going to love these healthy 椰子巧克力片能量球. 这道菜的灵感来自我自己做的 棒棒糖椰子巧克力片,但以球的形式. 它们让我想起了我的 萨摩亚能量球, but they’re a bit different 和 more similar to actual Larabars you’d buy at the store.

White bowl full of 椰子巧克力片能量球.


你可能已经猜到了, there are so many different types of energy 球s 和 they go by a variety of names too. Some names I’ve heard: energy bites, energy 球s, bliss bites, oat 球s 和 fat bombs. In my mind, there is one thing they all have in common: they’re no bake 和 rolled into 球s. 以下是它们的一些不同之处:

  • 蛋白质 增加了一些能量球 蛋白粉 显然是为了增加蛋白质, but also round out the snack 和 make it more filling 和 satisfying. 我个人很喜欢做这些 蛋白质的球.
  • 基于日期的 – Some energy 球s are made with a base of dates 和 nuts. They are usually grain-free 和 have no sugar added because the dates add a good amount of sweetness 和 help hold the 球s together. 以日期为基础的舞会, you usually need a 食品加工机 or blender to pulse the nuts 和 dates together.
  • Oat-based -很多能量球的配方都是以燕麦为基础的. They are packed with fiber 和 healthy fats 和 the perfect on-the-go snack. 我的花生酱 没有烘焙能量球 以燕麦为主的食物真的那么好吃吗.

Coconut flakes, 杏仁, 腰果, dates 和 巧克力 on a table.

成分 in 椰子巧克力片能量球

  • 杏仁 腰果 -生的,不加盐
  • Medjool日期 -你可以买 medjool日期 that are already 有凹痕的 or pit them yourself (it’s super easy). 我喜欢的两个牌子是 自然的乐趣Joolies. You can find 自然的乐趣 in the produce section of most grocery stores (near the bananas) 和 Joolies are offered 在亚马逊繁荣的市场.
  • 不加糖的椰丝 – be sure to get 不加糖的椰丝, not the sweetened stuff.
  • 巧克力 -我喜欢用黑巧克力片 享受生活 or 莉莉的. 这两种选择都是不含乳制品和纯素的.

Food processor with coarsely pulsed nuts 和 ingredients for homemade Larabars.


Start by processing the coconut, 杏仁 和 腰果 in a 食品加工机 装有s型桨叶. Pulse until everything is chopped into small pieces. 将坚果混合物放入碗中备用.

Add your dates to the empty processor 和 pulse until a paste forms. The dates will probably mix into a sticky 球 – if this happens, carefully break up the 球 a little with your h和s.

Add the nuts 和 coconut back to the processor with the dates 和 pulse until well combined. Add the 巧克力 和 pulse a few times until they’re incorporated into the dough.

Use your h和s to roll about 1 Tablespoon of dough into a 球. 立即享用或稍后储存!

H和 holding two 椰子巧克力片能量球.


You can store your energy 球s in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. They’ll last up to 1-2 weeks in the fridge 和 up to 3 months in the freezer. 我喜欢用 玻璃容器 or 存放行李 用于储存能量球.

White bowl full of 椰子巧克力片能量球.


If you make these 椰子巧克力片能量球 please be sure to leave a comment 和 star rating below. Your feedback is super helpful for the EBF team 和 other readers who are thinking about making the recipe. 


These healthy 椰子巧克力片能量球 are made with only 5 simple ingredients. They're super easy to prep 和 taste like a decadent treat.
White bowl full of 椰子巧克力片能量球.
准备时间 15 分钟
总时间 15 分钟


  • 1 1/2 medjool日期, 有凹痕的
  • 3/4 不加糖的椰丝
  • 1/2 生杏仁
  • 1/2 生腰果
  • 1/3 巧克力


  • 过程坚果:把椰子, 杏仁 和 腰果 into 食品加工机 装有s型桨叶 和 pulse until everything is chopped into small pieces. 将坚果混合物放入碗中备用.
  • 处理日期: Put dates into the 食品加工机 和 pulse until a paste forms. 枣子可能会变成一个黏糊糊的球. If they do, break about the 球 a bit with your h和s.
  • 添加剩余的原料: Add nuts 和 coconut back into the processor with the dates 和 pulse until well combined. Add 巧克力 和 pulse a few more times, until they’re just incorporated.
  • 形成球:一旦混合物混合, use your h和s (or a cookie scoop) to scoop 和 form the dough into 球s, 每个球大概用一汤匙面团. 立即享用或稍后储存.
  • 存储: Store any leftovers in the fridge with parchment paper between them for 1-2 weeks or in the freezer for up to 3 months.


  • 硬干/日期: If your dates are hard 和 dry, you can soak them in warm water for 10-15 分钟 to soften. 用之前先把水沥干.


服务: 1 热量: 90千卡 碳水化合物: 13g 蛋白质: 1g 脂肪: 4g 饱和脂肪: 2g 多不饱和脂肪: 1g 钠: 1mg 纤维: 2g 糖: 11g
课程: 酷游九州体育官网App
菜: 美国
关键字: 椰子巧克力片能量球


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    1. 塔玛拉

      这个九州体育App下载很容易做. I substituted 巧克力 with 1tbs raw cacao powder 和 walnuts for 杏仁, added a pinch of salt 和 15mls of water 和 they were delicious. 谢谢你的基础九州体育App下载.

      1. 布列塔尼马林斯

        很高兴你喜欢这些能量球. 谢谢你的评论,塔玛拉!

    2. 安德里亚

      Made these a few days ago 和 they have been a hit with myself 和 my 2yr old. Such a good snack for the afternoon sweet tooth. 我等不及要再做一些了!

      1. 布列塔尼马林斯

        吸引!! Glad you are enjoying this energy 球s, 安德里亚! 非常感谢你的评论🙂

    3. 玛丽Pichotta

      我刚做的,很好吃. 我上周做了布朗尼蛋糕. 它们在我家待不了多久. 谢谢你的简单九州体育App下载.

      1. 布列塔尼马林斯

        So glad you’ve been enjoying these energy 球s, Mary! 谢谢 for trying them out 和 coming back to leave a review. 这对我来说意味着一切!

    4. 2020年9月6日下午3:42

      Made two kinds of these for a new mama for quick energy boost! 很容易做,也很好吃!

    5. 2020年9月6日

      Tried a few 球 九州体育App下载 和 this one is fantastic. 混合物的稠度很好. 和美味的. 一个守门员.

      1. 布列塔尼马林斯

        啊耶!! 很高兴你喜欢这个九州体育App下载,泰莎. 谢谢 for making them 和 for coming back to leave a comment + star rating. 我非常感激. 🙂



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