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John Pagliuca

John PagliucaI started out as a writer and journalist, but photography captured me the moment I made my first black and white print. It was magic, and the excitement of interpreting the world through the lens continues today. I traded in my typewriter for a camera and became a commercial photographer and filmmaker, but always created personal work as well.

My fine art work is based on form, color and texture, and I photograph things that touch me emotionally. I often work in series, concentrating on one type of subject and exploring different ways of rendering it.

I create from the inside out. Something will catch my interest, a particular scene, the play of light across a surface, and I’ll make pictures, exploring the subject. While I work quite deliberately, I suspect that my subconscious is really calling the shots. Often, when I go back and look at my images, I see other pictures within them, pictures that I think my subconscious has guided me to but my conscious mind hadn’t really seen. And I usually like these pictures more.

I started working digitally about 10 years ago, learning how to make archival giclée prints and control color reproduction in digital printing.

John Pagliuca John Pagliuca John Pagliuca John Pagliuca John Pagliuca John Pagliuca

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