Amy Veatch

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma I loved drawing, painting, printmaking, photography,enameling, working with clay and making sculptures from found objects. I spent many weekends and summers in the galleries and gardens of the Philbrook Art Museum, as well as taking classes in the museum school. Some of my favorite things growing up were beaded necklaces, and rings and bracelets made of silver by Native American or Mexican artists. I loved the natural materials used in that jewelry.

As an Art Major at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, I concentrated on painting and drawing, but began to incorporate metalsmithing into three-dimensional work, after taking a sculpture class and independent study. When I moved to Raleigh, I began taking blacksmithing, and jewelry classes and workshops. I make jewelry that is constructed from metal sheet, wire and tubes. I love the way metals respond to pressure and heat, patina and polishing. I often include semi-precious stones and beads, not precious stones and beads, and found objects in my work, as well as stamped, hammered, etched, pressed and rolled textures.

Mainly I design and construct jewelry, but I work in other mediums, also, including painting, photography, and sculpture for household use. I love to see what I can create from found objects and ordinary materials. I often use screen, plumbing pipe, and electrical wire scraps in my jewelry, and in my other work. Using materials for art that are meant for other uses, inspires my work and expands my creativity. Seeing the beauty in places and things that are ignored in the rush of daily activities and mixing art materials with found objects to create art for daily life is my goal.

Recent Creative Initiatives:

Over the last three and a half years, I challenged myself to have new work to display in my shop for each First Friday. This enabled exploration of making one of a kind pieces as production work and fueled creative and technical growth. During 2014, I have been part of a group of six jewelers that each pledged to make an original pair of earrings every week of the year. This challenge has been a creative motivator for me, and I added perimeters to define my creative and technical direction each month.